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Equinix Internet Access with Fabric - General Availability

Equinix Product Manager

Customers can enjoy the lightning-fast deployment of Equinix Internet Access (EIA) within mere minutes by leveraging an Equinix Fabric Port.

Previously, customers had the opportunity to explore EIA with Fabric during our limited private preview launch, accessible through the portal and public APIs. The free trial phase has concluded, and customers can now experience the full range of capabilities offered by EIA with Fabric.

EIA with Fabric introduces a streamlined and cost-effective approach to activating internet access, allowing customers to initiate and enact their services within a matter of minutes. The EIA service is provisioned and fulfilled immediately upon order submission, and customers can monitor their connection in the Fabric Connections Inventory and the Internet Access Inventory dashboards.

It's worth highlighting that customers not only gain access to EIA with Fabric, but also gain the ability to utilize the same Fabric port for connecting to various cloud services and other ecosystem destinations.

For more information, please visit our documentation page, Internet Connection with Fabric (