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Equinix Fabric 2022.6

Community Manager
Community Manager

Learn about the recent updates from Equinix Fabric 2022.6

This release of Equinix Fabric includes the new EP-LAN service offering, 10 Mbps bandwidth option for port to port connections, the ability to increase or decrease bandwidth of connections to IBM Direct Link, and changes to the default expiration date for Service Tokens.

EP-LAN for Layer 2 Multipoint to Multipoint Service

In October we released the ability to create EVP-LAN multipoint L2 networks with support for any-to-any, full mesh connectivity between multiple Equinix metros or locations. We have added EP-LAN, a port based service, to the MP2MP offering.

10 Mbps Billing Tier

Create lower 10 Mbps bandwidth connections for port-to-port connections and connections to a network. This includes connections to service profiles for CSPs and other service providers.

IBM Bandwidth Resizing

You can now increase or decrease the bandwidth of a connection to IBM Direct Link on demand without deleting and recreating the connection.

Service Token Default Expiration

The maximum number of days has been increased to 90 for a default Service Token expiration date.