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Deploy a Nutanix Cluster on Equinix Metal using Terraform

Equinix Product Manager

Automate deployment of a Nutanix cluster on Metal using this handy template or walk through the step-by-step workshop

What's Included 

The template automates deployment of one bastion host with SSH key, three nodes running Nutanix AOS in L2 bonded mode, a VLAN, and a Metal Gateway with VRF. Once spun up, this cluster can be accessed using the Nutanix Prism console. Built with proof-of-concept deployments in mind, this template saves users hours of effort that it would take to implement the same configuration by hand. See the alternative, console-based, deployment guide here.

Users will need an Equinix Metal account with an API key as well as have Terraform installed to use the template. The template works best with reservation IDs but can be run in certain locations with on-demand machines.