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Ansible-Collection-Equinix v0.1.0 Release

Equinix Product Manager

This is the first release of the Equinix Ansible Collection. This collection will mature to succeed the Ansible Equinix Metal collection.  The big difference with this collection is that the goal of the project is to cover all Equinix APIs over time, starting with Metal, Fabric, and Network Edge.  

If you are just getting started with Ansible on Equinix, this is the project to use. Let us know which features you’ll need for your playbooks. We’ve stubbed out issues for all of the resources that will be needed to put this provider on parity with the Equinix Terraform provider which has the the most complete IaC coverage today.  

Broader API coverage is being facilitated by the move away from legacy, hand-crafted, Python SDKs (packet-python).  We will favor (and produce) SDKs generated from the OpenAPI spec for each Equinix API that will be supported. Metal Python is the first of these, an SDK built for wide adoption. Its readiness to simplify the API developer experience in Python is demonstrated throughout the Equinix Ansible collection. 

Additionally, this collection is applying some of the best practices seen in other Cloud Provider Ansible modules. This is most visible in the name of the module and how it is imported.  See the project's E2E tests for working examples of how this collection can be used.