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Edge Service and Virtual Circuit Traffic Summary

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Hello everyone,

We're using Virtual circuits between Fabric ports & Edge virtual devices, it works fine but still it's impossible to get the link usage statistics as for other circuits.
Any news about that option that is missing?

Thanks 🙂

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Equinix Product Manager


My name is Tom, I am a Product Manager for Interconnection at Equinix. Happy to provide some context:

Unfortunately, usage statistics for virtual circuits between Fabric Ports and Network Edge virtual devices aren't currently available. The product team is aware of the desire to have these and is working on a cross product solution. They are working on this solution now and hope to deliver it in beta during the first half of 2023.

Best Regards,


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Many thanks Tom,

I believe that we (the community) will be very excited to get this new fonctionnality when it will be ready.