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How do I reach out to the Community Team?

How do I reach out to the Community Team?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Community! If you ever need to get ahold of the Equinix Community team, here's a couple ways you can get in touch with us. 

Meet the team! 

We come from different teams in Equinix, but we're part of the Equinix Community! If you need to get ahold of us, you can visit the Meet the Team page and click on our photos to see each of our profiles. 

Email Us! 

This is the most private, direct way to email all of the Community team at one time. If you send an email to you will have engaged all of the team members above. Please use this route if you see something that breaks the Community guidelines. 

Share your Feedback

Seriously, we want it! Any ideas for how to make community better, share them with the community here. This way we can collectively view the feedback and make improvements based on what you want. 

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