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5 Tips to Get You Started on Community

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to Community! We're excited to have you as one of the early adopters to make Community a place for you - our customers. Let's get you started on the right path. 

Step One: Bookmark the Community 

  • Save the Community as a favorite in your navigation and use this as a resource to access peers and subject matter experts. 

Step Two: Update Your Profile & Introduce Yourself 

  • Update your Image: Select one of the provided images or add a picture of yourself.   
  • Profile Details: Tell us more about yourself in your profile under My Settings>Personal Information. You can update your title to reflect your company and role, location, biography and more.  
  • Introduce yourself in this discussion thread

Step Three: Start a Discussion 

  • Ask a question, share an idea, kickoff a collaborative brainstorm, discuss industry trends. 
  • Discussion Forums include: 
    • Getting Started & Welcome Discussions: Introduce yourself, share your feedback on Community, give input on ideas, ask for help in common community questions. 
    • All Discussions: Share your knowledge and insights about Equinix products including Equinix Fabric, Network Edge and more! 
  • Not sure how to start your first post? Check out this post. 

Step Four: Explore Discussions - share a few kudos!

  • Give Kudos [similar to a like button on other platforms] by clicking the thumbs up button located below the response. 
  • Did you know that by doing this you are already a step closer to earning your next badge? Learn more about Ranks and Badges

Step Five: Share Your BETA Feedback

  • We want to hear you feedback on Community - share the good, bad and ugly in the Beta Discussion thread. Our team is here to help make this a better place and we need your feedback to make improvements. 

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