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What is a label and how do I add one?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm starting to see labels on discussions. What are they and can I create them? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

What are labels?

Labels are used within a community to help categorize articles in a variety of discussion styles; forums, blogs, ideas, and TKBs. Labels enable you to categorize the content you write based on the themes or content in the article. For example, when creating a topic in a general support forum for troubleshooting, and you're having connectivity issues with your smart phone, you might apply labels like "Connection Issue" or "Phone"

Labels are typically created by the Community Admin or Community Manager, and are typically controlled for consistency and need. Post authors must choose/apply labels from a pre-defined list when creating or editing the first post of a new forum topic, TKB article, idea, or blog post. Labels can only be added to the first post in a topic, blog, TKB, etc.

How do I add a label to a post I've already made?

  1. Navigate to the post you authored.
  2. Open the post to edit it.
  3. In the Labels field, start typing the label or choose one from the list. If you add multiple labels, you must separate them with commas.

Who can create labels?

Typically, only administrators or permissioned members can create new labels or edit the label list. When the use of labels is enforced, members must apply a label when submitting posts. Labels can be optionally predefined, giving administrators complete control over exactly which labels are used in their community.

Labels are applied at node (board) level, so different settings can be applied at different boards. One board might be mandatory with a predefined pool of labels, while another can be completely optional and enable users to create their own labels.

How do I subscribe to a label?

When you subscribe to a label, you will be notified by email when a new post is created with the label.

To subscribe to a label:

  1. From a particular post with a label, click on the label to filter by that label. (You can also do this from the labels component.)
  2. Click Subscribe.

Note:Your community users can configure their own subscription settings under My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > My Subscriptions and My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > Notification Settings.

One thing to note about labels is that they are applied at node level. Thus, predefined labels and subscriptions to labels exist only at the node at which they are applied. For example, if you subscribe to a label named 'contest' at board 1, it will not automatically subscribe you to an identically named label at board 2. You will have to subscribe twice, once at each board. This also applies if you add a labels component to your page to display the most popular labels, these are also designed to work at node level.