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Welcome to Community

Welcome to Community
Communication is the exchange of information from one human being to another. That’s the idea behind the Equinix customer community.
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  • Forum Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Ideation Guidelines and Best Practices
  • How to – Collaborate, Ideate, Vote, Post
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Welcome to Equinix Community!

Equinix Helix is a private community for customers and partners to connect with a global ecosystem of peers and subject matter experts, rich content, and actionable information. In short, it’s a place for you to share your voice with Equinix and with the broader community network. From one exchange to the next, Equinix Community is a continual spiral of knowledge that makes us all better. Welcome!

What you can expect from the Equinix Community
  • Knowledge sharing between Equinix experts and you--- the IT professional who uses the technology every day
  • A place where you can connect with your peers to solve problems and share best practices
  • Provide an easy way to learn about new products and solutions
  • Provide a peek into the Equinix product roadmap and the direction of our product strategy
  • Provide a feedback loop where you & your teams can share your voice about Equinix products and solutions so we can serve you better
  • A place to ideate on shared goals and outcomes