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Want to help us improve Metal, Fabric, and Network Edge?

We're actively working to make your experience with products like Metal, Fabric, and Network Edge better. We've put together a fairly short survey (it'll take 10 minutes) to get your input on what's working (or not!). The survey will be open through ...

creid by Equinix Employee
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What’s the quickest and slowest deployment in your career?

Minutes? Hours? Days? Months? Years? Let’s hear it! Don’t settle for months, you’ve got Equinix within minutes. Be the first to test drive Equinix Deploy and use our self-service capabilities across Equinix Metal, Equinix Network Edge and Equinix Fab...

gialyons by Equinix Employee
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What is your offsite disaster recovery strategy?

In this blog, we discussed how Equinix customers simplified and strengthened strategies for bringing workloads back online quickly and avoiding downtime. What are the strategies, solutions, and best practices your organization has in place to achieve...

ibotbyl by Equinix Employee
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New Feature - Equinix Status

Starting today you can check the status of your network products on the new Equinix Status page. View status by product and metro for Equinix Connect, Equinix Fabric, Equinix Internet Exchange, Equinix Metal, Equinix Precision Time, Metro Connect and...

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 2.22.31 PM.png
BeckyPeal by Equinix Employee
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Podcast | Traceroute - Episode 7: Compute

Synopsis Hardware is the invisible skeleton of the Internet. Not only has it given us access to the world's base of knowledge, but with the cloud, a seemingly infinite storage space for files. Of course, the cloud is neither ethereal nor located in t...

Jantzen by Community Manager
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Podcast | Traceroute - Episode 6: Sustainability

Synopsis In episode 6 of Traceroute, we address arguably the most critical component of them all: sustainability. As demand for data rises, so too does our environmental impact, and in turn, the need to rapidly course correct to sustain rapid expansi...

Jantzen by Community Manager
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Podcast | Traceroute - Episode 5: Open Source

Synopsis As the world becomes more digital, the distance between software and hardware widens. Unspoken competition, gatekeeping, differences in perspective, these reasons and more push experts from the software and hardware spaces apart. So what is ...

Jantzen by Community Manager
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Podcast | Traceroute - Episode 4: Wireless

Synopsis When the first car phones appeared in the 80s, most people wrote them off as a luxury for the ultra-rich. But once you cut the cable, you can’t go back. By the 90s, people were trying to join analog modems to the cellular network, so more pe...

Jantzen by Community Manager
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