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Resolved! Query using ExpressRoute key

Hi,I'm trying to filter my connections using my azure express route service key, but I don't think Equinix has the feature?

JSON Syntax Error

Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an Azure Express Route connection and when I try to send my POST request body: { "primaryName": "TestName-PRI", "primaryPortUUID": "abcdefghijklmonopqrustuvwxyz", "primaryVlanSTag": 511, "profileUUID": "abcdefghijklm...

API’s maintenance status

how we can check if there will be any API’s maintenance or activity related to API. Can we see this in ECX portal?

Resolved! 'Connecting to Myself' VC

Could you please explain the API Workflow of “Connecting to Myself” use case for creating VC.

Resolved! Port Utilization Stats

We are looking to find out utilization stats for specific ECX virtual ports over given duration say for last 1 week and cost associated with data transfer. Is there any API Available to retrieve this Information?

API Integration Account?

What is the recommended approach to create an API Integration User? We would like to have an integration user with access to global data.


First time playing with the APIs.Trying to create a 50MB AWS DirectConnect from my existing ECX ports in London. I know I have the correct parameters in place (or so I think) as I have copied them from a connection that I have manually done via the E...