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Resolved! modify connection speed

Is there any way to increase or decrease speed value and speed unit of an existing connection and without recreating the connection? In the documentation it says PATCH method for /ecx/v3/l2/connections/{uuid} only accepts AccessKey, SecretKey paramsT...

Request Ports in Sandbox

Hi,I have been playing around with your ECXF APIs in Sandbox and I was wondering whether I can request new ports so that I can use distinct ports to test out different use cases?

Resolved! Production and Sandbox sync

Hello,I'd like to know how often do you synchronize your sandbox environment with production environment?

Resolved! Port stats interval polling

Hi, How often does the port statistics/utilization data get updated as I want to poll the values based on those intervals?

Connection Stats

I can get the statistics for a physical port. But is there a way to break it out based on connections or vlan ports? Since the physical port is a shared service that contains multiple Expressroute circuits it would be useful to get the connection or ...

[sandbox] create l2connections

Hello !I'm trying to create l2 connection on sandbox but i have some error $ curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://sandboxapi.equinix.com/ecx/v3/l2/connections" -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxx" -d '{"primaryName": "test_port_crea...

[sandbox] serviceProfile state

Hello !In sandbox, how could i change the serviceProfile state ?Because when i tried to add a connection on it ( POST /ecx/v3/l2/connections )I have :"Profile is not yet APPROVED"Profile uuid : 52686861-0f6d-4b1e-bc69-56076a978c18Best regards,Louis

Resolved! What is ECX and ECXF

Hello,I have been reading the ECXF API documentation and I noticed that both "ECX" and "ECXF" abbreviations are used in the V3 APIs migration section. Are ECX and ECXF two separate products?

delta sandbox<>prod apis

Hi, We noticed that some APIs aren't available in the sandbox but only in production of the Equinix API. Do we have a way to test this? These APIs seem to be available in the playground-zone These works on Prod but not sandbox: list userports list me...