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Issue creating Work visit Request

Helo,We are trying to automate creating work visit requests in Equinox portal using rest API's.Following the documentation , i was able to generate client creds etc and use to generate bearer token.when i used the same to submit a work visit request,...

Resolved! API Questions/Clarifications

Hello everyone,I'm working with Yahoo on a project that involves monitoring power data for a large number of PDUs—more than 1000—every hour. We've hit a snag, though. The API we're using has a daily limit of 1000 calls.Here's the current API we're us...

CROSS_CONNECT_Z_SIDE incorrect Final A-side System Name

How can we get the correct Final A-Side System Name using the API as displayed in the Install Base Download for Metro-connects or inter-IBX cross-connects? This is what we see when getting the asset details with the API https://api.equinix.com/v1/ass...

Get connection stats returns 500 internal server error

Using the GET /fabric/v4/connections/{uuid}/stats API call, i now get a 500 internal server error with the following message: [ { "errorCode": "EQ-3033010", "errorMessage": "Internal server error.", "details": "Please check the request payload and su...

Which Youtube video tutorials would you like to watch?

Which Equinix topics, partnerships, or services would you like us to cover in future videos at EquinixDevelopers? This week Chris Privitere joined the Youtube livestream to walk us through Kubernetes Metrics Server. We're always looking to keep givin...

waribeiro by Equinix Employee
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500 Error with sandbox Users v2

Hello, I have been attempting to mess with the sandbox and create.The two things I have done (using Postman) are get a token and create a user. I have been putting the Bearer Token in Auth and receive this, with a 500 error: [ { "errorCode": "EQ-2021...

EMG Notifications to Google Pub/Sub

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate EMG notifications with google's pub/sub? I have been at this for months and am not successful.Basic path is:EMG event such as port down is triggeredThis event, which is picked up by the python outgoing n...

Resolved! API v4, Microsoft Azure using connections vs. connections/bulk

Hello Equinix,I have a question regarding the creation of a new, redundant connection to Azure with API v4. From "Guide to v3-to-v4 APIs Migration" I see that I should use the connections/bulk endpoint. In the Knowledge Center for "Connect to Microso...