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API Documentation

I do not see any documentation related to the API Integration? Where can I find it?

Resolved! Asset Info Request

How to get all the assets info using APIs which is configured to recieve alerts?


First time playing with the APIs.Trying to create a 50MB AWS DirectConnect from my existing ECX ports in London. I know I have the correct parameters in place (or so I think) as I have copied them from a connection that I have manually done via the E...

Resolved! How to get connections Azure

Is there a way to get relationships between L2 connections? for example for Azure you need to create two connections but there is no practical way to get the two of them or from the response data, there is no data to "link" them, in the ecx dashboard...

Equinix Notification API

We get a lot of notification emails about planned maintenance and I am searching for a way to be able to present these notifications in a different way (chatbot, web page etc.). These API's would be perfect for that. However, they are not accessible ...

Resolved! Access Token

How long will the access token last for developer platform and playground before expiring?

Resolved! Base endpoint URL

Hi,Could you plz point me to Base endpoint URL for APIs and some basic CURL samples plz?thanks in advance