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Resolved! Using ECP API's

We would like to request permissions to the ECP APIS. Is there anything else required to enable this for our cages and cabinets?

Resolved! Not getting Refresh Token

When I use grant_type as client_credential in my oauth API, I am no longer getting refresh token in response. This has broken my integration. I don't know how to refresh my access token when it expires after 60 mins

Resolved! Need Technical Contact?

Under what circumstances, will Equinix contact technical contact for Work Visit Orders submitted by me?

Resolved! How to know my IBXs?

How can I know about my IBX locations? Most of the ECP APIs asks for it in the request.

Resolved! TTL for estimatedDateTime?

Inbound Shipment API asks for “estimatedDateTime”. For how long will you keep this ticket open f my equipment doesn’t arrive as per the given date/time?