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New WorkVisit validation error

We have been using the API /catalog/workvisitv1 for a while now and we now have a new validation error that is causing a failure to use the API endpoint: { "error": "Unable to create access request with Equinix. Status code = 400, error = {\"errors\"...

Update and Cancel APIs?

Hello, I know Equinix has APIs for initiation (i.e Create Shipment order) but I was wondering whether you have plans to introduce Update and Cancel APIs for your services.

Resolved! Issues with work visits API

I'm getting the following error for my work visit requests:You don't have permission to access this cabinetI've checked the list that I am sending against the list that is returned via the getLocation endpoint (https://developer.equinix.com/catalog/w...

Resolved! API to retrieve the billing at

Hello Team,I am new to Equinix API's. I tried searching for API that could be used to retrieve the bill and duration of a specific ticket but failed to get the information.I see that there are APIs to generate bills periodically but do not see the on...

Resolved! Unexpected problem

Hi, I'm receiving "The system had encountered an unexpected problem and we are tracking it with error code." error when attempting to post work visits or retrieve location details. I'm using correct credentials and the correct bearer token but there ...

Issue with Shipments API

I'm currently getting a 400 response without any sort of indication of what the problem may be. Here is an example request that I am sending with some information redacted: { "ibxLocation": { "cages": [ { "cage": "AM2:1234", "accountNumber": "1234" }...

Resolved! Issues with Work Visit API

Hi Mohit,I have successfully accessed my sandbox and have been attempting to send some workvisit requests.Needless to say I am experiencing a number of issues. Mostly I can get around these but there’s an odd one I am blocked with.Maybe you can help ...

Unable to access the assets AP

I have been testing several API for the customer portal. So far all seem to work except for the assets api. I get the error "You are not authorized to access the api". How do I get authorization?

Resolved! Workvisit schedule timestamps

I'm trying to use the Workvisit_v1 API endpoint. When I submit the request it goes through fine but the timestamps for startDateTime and endDateTime appear to be modified when they are displayed in the Equinix portal. What format should these timesta...