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Published on ‎May 21, 2024 09:06 AM by Community Manager | Updated on ‎May 21, 2024 09:06 AM

This fireside chat addresses the impact of IT solutions on medical research and development. The discussion will highlight strategies to shorten the time from data collection to scientific insights, emphasizing the role of technology in accelerating research. Topics include ensuring data quality for AI, adapting cloud technology to the needs of medical research, and integrating new tech into existing IT infrastructures.


Additional focuses are on handling complex AI and computing workloads, enhancing data privacy and security, and facilitating collaboration through technology. The session will also touch on the effective preparation of data for analysis and how emerging technologies support ongoing advances in healthcare research.

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Thu, May 30, 2024 10:00 AM PDT
Thu, May 30, 2024 11:00 AM PDT
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