Equinix Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Equinix Community!

This is a private community for customers to connect with a global ecosystem of peers and subject matter experts, rich content, and actionable information. In short, it’s a place for you to share your voice with Equinix and with the broader community network. From one exchange to the next, Equinix is a continual spiral of knowledge that makes us all better. Welcome!

Become a Community Member

Equinix Community uses Single Sign On (SSO) for our Community. To join the Equinix Community, click the login button on the top right and enter your Equinix Customer Portal username and password. During Beta, some users might not have access to Community. If you are unable to login using your Equinix Customer Portal account, complete this form and our team will be in touch on next steps.

What you can expect from the Equinix Community

  • Knowledge sharing between Equinix experts and you--- the IT professional who uses the technology every day

  • A place where you can connect with your peers to solve problems and share best practices

  • Provide an easy way to learn about new products and solutions

  • Provide a peek into the Equinix product roadmap and the direction of our product strategy

  • Provide a feedback loop where you & your teams can share your voice about Equinix products and solutions so we can serve you better

  • A place to ideate on shared goals and outcomes

It is important for the Equinix Community to be a place where all members feel empowered to communicate. To help keep the community a safe and respectful environment and ensure that everyone’s voice is valued, please follow the guidelines below:

Community Guidelines:

Be Respectful

We are here to learn and grow together. We can only do that in a kind and respectful environment.

  • Please be polite, considerate, and treat other members with dignity

  • Disagreements will happen. Be sure to avoid making negative comments or engaging in disparaging or disrespectful behavior

  • Personal insults, threats of violence, and/or harassment will result in termination of Community access

  • Obscene language will not be tolerated. We expect that members will refrain from using vulgar or profane terms. We reserve the right to remove any content that violates our guidelines.

Be Relevant

Make sure your contributions are relevant both to the mission of the community and to the specific forum area where you post.

  • Stay on-topic and bring forward new, helpful information

  • Search the Community first to see if your question has been answered before posting a new question or discussion

  • Ask clear and concise questions in the most relevant forum. Include details about the product, software, and issue you are seeking help with

  • Do not repost or duplicate existing messages in any area of the Community

  • Do not promote, spam, or advertise your offerings to other members

Be Inclusive

We come from different places and experiences, but together we can make this community a safe place for all.

  • Keep dialogue constructive

  • Reply with useful and positive comments

  • Be kind and help all members feel comfortable asking and responding to questions

  • Be yourself; don’t impersonate any other individual

Be Responsible

Use common sense and good judgment when posting and interacting with community members.

  • Do not share anything about yourself, your business, or another community member that you/they would not want to be made publicly available

  • Do not share anything that would violate any contractual agreements, non-disclosure agreements, copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other intellectual property that does not belong to you

  • Keep your account secure. Do not share community credentials with other users including coworkers.

Be Helpful

This community is a place for you, our customers, to share your voice with Equinix. Encourage others to do the same.

  • Show your appreciation by thanking helpful members and giving kudos

  • If you found an answer to your question, give back to the Community by posting an update to your question

  • Speak up if you feel unsafe or witness a violation of these guidelines by emailing community@equinix.com directly or selecting “Report Inappropriate Content” from the post’s top right-hand corner. We will address your concern confidentially

  • Have fun!

By engaging on, and contributing to, the Equinix Community, you agree to follow these rules as well as the full Terms of Service.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about our community, let us know.