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How do I post a new idea?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm interested in submitting an idea to the Equinix Community Ideas page. How do I submit a new idea for consideration?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Posting an idea is just like posting a message on a board.

To post your idea:

  1. Select Ideas from top navigation.
    Tip: It's a good idea to search the idea first to make sure that someone else hasn't already posted the same idea.
  2. Click Submit an Idea.
  3. Type an Idea Subject and the body of your idea.
    You can use simple HTML, format the text, or add links or images. You can also preview your idea and check your spelling before you post the idea.
  4. To receive email when someone comments on your idea, click E-mail me when someone replies.
  5. Select one or more labels.
    The labels you can choose from are listed below the Label entry area. Click a label to choose it. Labels make it easy to find related or similar ideas.
  6. (Optional) Add one or more tags.
  7. Click Post.