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What is Fiber Connect?

Equinix Employee

What is Equinix Fiber Connect?

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Equinix Employee

Equinix Fiber Connect enables customers to connect to one another within a metro area through leased dark fibers. It is similar to a Campus Cross Connect in that it is used for the same purpose and shares many physical similarities (cable, connector, media converter). Fiber Connect encourages Equinix customers to interconnect with service providers, partners, and with each other to gain fast and reliable access to a wide range of services.


The main differences between Fiber Connect and Campus Cross Connects are:

  • Equinix does not own the fiber that connects the data centers.  The fiber is leased from carriers which results in different costs, capacity management, and troubleshooting processes.
  • The fiber generally traverses longer distances than a Campus Cross Connect. This might require stronger signal transmission from the customer’s equipment on each end of the span.


Fiber Connect Documentation