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How are you dealing with the current supply chain constraints?

Community Manager
Community Manager

With the pandemic wrecking havoc on supply chains across the world and a global semiconductor shortage, how is your company dealing with issues in supply chain? 

I pulled a few quotes from the articles below that highlighted how bad the problem is hitting our industry:


"The top five challenges IT departments face in fulfilling their IT hardware demands are insufficient request information (37%), single vendor reliance (32%), vendor-enforced order limits (32%), opaque delivery timeframes (30%), and employees not returning their systems (30%)."

"GetApp discovered that 78% of the respondents faced an IT hardware supply chain delay in the past 12 months, including from Dell (50%), Microsoft (47%), and Apple (43%). 71% of respondents are experiencing shipping delays of up to six months, and 52% have waited between four to 13 months."



Here are a few articles addressing the supply chain issues:

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New Contributor II

Our biggest issue this year has been network switches - we ended up having to look for suitable devices across multiple vendors, as opposed to just sticking to our preferred choice - some couldn't provide even a rough ETA on components, let alone shipping dates.  Planning was made more difficult by auto-generated ETAs being e-mailed out and then obviously being missed.

We've taken the position that unless stock is showing as available, then expect to be waiting a long time - anything being sent for order is likely to be months, or even over a year in some cases.  We've basically stopped looking at ETAs at this point.

We're actually in the process of writing a blog post for our web site about this and our experiences as it's had a significant impact on some of our current projects.

New Contributor II

Here's the blog post we've written based on our experiences - with references to some interesting articles!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your blog Darren! Appreciate the solution solving ideas like get innovative with older tech in order to sustain until supply chain improvements happen.